140th INTA Annual Meeting

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On May 19-23, four representatives from Otmore Limited attended the 140th INTA Annual Meeting for educational sessions, networking and socializing. Almost 11 000 registrants gathered in Seattle, Washington, making this years’ meeting the largest in INTA’s history.

With a respectable mix of brand owners, in-house counsel, academics and other IP professionals from over 150 countries, the INTA Annual meeting is a great event for networking.

The large attendance is a strong indicator of an increasing interest in trademarks and brands among consumers and companies. In today’s globalized and digital industry, there are no signs of that the interest in these subjects will decrease.

This year’s focus was on the affect that social media and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have in trademark related cases, and how to protect intellectual property rights in a growing environment. The result was multiple inspiring and educational sessions and panel debates, and we look forward to the 141st INTA Annual Meeting next year in Boston.

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