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Global Registration

Are you tired of having to choose different domain name providers to be able to register all the domain names that you want to purchase? By using Otmore as your domain name provider, you do not have to worry about this issue anymore. Otmore can register domain names under all top level domains in the world making Otmore the obvious choice of domain name partner.

New top level domains

The Internet is changing and growing rapidly meaning that the regular top level domains (such as .COM) cannot support the increasing demand of domain name registrations and new companies expanding to the Internet. ICANN decided to increase the amount of generic top level domains and opened an application window meaning that anyone could apply to become a registry for a new top level domain of choice. This resulted in approximately 1 400 new top level domains being released since 2013 whereas almost 50 % were applied for by companies. Otmore can help you register any new top level domain that has been released to the market.

If you are a trademark holder, you can get the opportunity to register for new top level domains in advance, under each NgTLD. See Trademark Clearinghouse if you are interested in how to approach this opportunity/problem.

Consolidation of existing domain name holdings

Collecting all your domain names with one supplier, regardless the domain name suffix.

– Local presence in countries with local requirements.
– Leave the responsibility of domain names portfolio

Acquisitions and Disputes
  • Legal dispute proceedings
    • ADR, UDRP etc.
    • Local Agents (ccTLD)
  • Acquisitions
    • help to safely buy up already registered domain name
Trademark Clearinghouse

Trademark Clearinghouse is a database where Trademark owners can send in their marks. Trademark clearinghouse is created by ICANN to be a Trademark right mechanism within the New Top Level Domain program. If you as a Trademark owner send in your Trademark to the database, it gives you the opportunity to register a wanted domain name in advance. It will also notice you if someone else register a domain name which is identical to your trademark.

Otmore helps you to register and validate your trademark with Trademark Clearinghouse.

Domain name Watch

Instead of holding too many defensive domain name registrations, it is often a good idea to have a domain name monitoring to keep track of the trademark as a domain name. Domain name watch is a simple way to gain control of any domain name infringement. If we find a hit, we will send you a report once a week

Main top 3 reasons why you should let Otmore help you with domain name services:

  1. Exclusive Rights – Make sure that no one else register your trademark as a domain name. Otmore can register domain names under all Top Level Domains in the world.
  2. Stand out from the crowd – Otmore can help you register any new top level domain that has been released to the market, even new exciting alternatives for great marketing opportunities.
  3. Consolidation of existing domain name – Collecting all your domain names at Otmore ensures control and stabile domain name management without missed renewals or other critical problems.
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