Grab your Armour, they are coming for you!

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The global sports apparel brand Under Armour is on a crusade to hit down on companies using the word “Armour/Armor” in their trademark name. The latest target is a Christian sports apparel brand named Armor and Glory founded in 2013 with incomes under $100.000. According to the Washington post, the name is, according to the CEO Terrance Jackson, taken from a verse from the bible and they claim to not even have thought about Under Armour as they decided for the name. Under Armour sues Armor and Glory for infringing on their trademark telling them to change its name or be forced into an expensive lawsuit.

”It’s trademark bullying at its finest. We don’t even spell it like them.” – Terrance Jackson, CEO, Armor and Glory

Not wanting to back down, Armor and Glory has raised a GoFundMe campaign to fund the expensive lawsuit.

It is a David vs Goliath-situation and the question is whether Under Armour will be facing angry supporters of the small company, Armor and Glory, generating a negative impact on their brand?

How can you avoid this problem?

Naming process – Be sure to contact us to review your trademark names, making sure that the name you choose:
1. Does not infringe on an already registered trademark
2. Does not describe the line of business you intend to work with
3. Have the potential to get registered as a trademark to be able to grow and expand to new markets.

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