Marc Jacobs starts new processes – sues 66 web sites for trademark infringement

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Marc Jacobs doesn’t only have problems with Adidas at the moment. (Read more here.) Now Marc Jacobs is doing some litigating of its own and files law suits against 66 sites for both trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

Some of the sites


These domains are operating websites under Marc Jacob´s trademark without their authorization and are also selling counterfeit goods under the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacob´s labels.

In the law suit Marc Jacobs are also accusing the 66 web sited of being a part of a large “infringement and counterfeiting scheme” and “all concurrently employing substantially similar, and often times coordinated, paid advertising and SEO strategies based, in large measure, upon an illegal use of counterfeits and infringements of the Marc Jacobs Marks”.

French luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy (read more about Moët’s problems lately) owns the brand Marc Jacobs and has asked the court in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida to force the defendants to immediately and permanently cease the use of its trademarks and the unauthorized sale of counterfeit goods. They also requested for $2 million for each counterfeit trademark use and $100 000 for each cyber squatted domain.

The problem now is to find the correct individuals behind the scheme, they have done a pretty good work to hide their traces and assets.

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