New top-level court in China for IP appeals

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According to a report by the South China Morning Post, China is planning to set up a new judicial body with the purpose to deal with IP appeals.

China plans to set up a top-level court to hear appeals in intellectual property rights (IPR) cases, in its latest attempt to address a key source of friction in the country’s trade war with the United States.

The new judicial body would come under the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and oversee appeals that involved “highly technical expertise”, particularly patents on inventions and innovations, state-run Xinhua quoted SPC president Zhou Qiang as saying.
Zhou said that in addition to the new IPR court, Beijing was now looking to establish a national appeals system for IP disputes that would “encourage and protect technological innovation … and provide an international and easy business environment for Chinese and foreign companies to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights”.

Yang Xuri, head of the Beijing Power-nation IP Institute, an independent think tank, said the court and the national appeals system could help set standards for local courts when dealing with complex IP disputes, particularly those involving sophisticated technology.

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