Pitti Uomo – trademark related problems behind the scene?

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”The world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections and for launching new projects in men’s fashion.” PITTU UOMO.

PITTI UOMO, a huge fashion fair in Florence which takes place twice a year. This year the 9th until the 13th of January, Otmore was there as a visitor. It was around 1200 exhibitors and over 24,300 buyers from more than one hundred countries. All the established brands, all new released projects and all creative and innovative people who share the same interest in fashion make the atmosphere at PITTI outstanding.

However, behind this glamorous and creative atmosphere it was one dangerous homework that many companies had not done properly. This homework is about how to protect a trademark in a right way to get it exclusive. It is impressive to see a project grow from just an idea to a real fashion company, but in this creative process we realised that it is easy to forget this important thing. Through a Trademark Search Light in International trademark databases of 30 different exhibitors, we found some interesting information. At least 25 of them had some problem in their trademark registration and 7 of them did not even have a trademark protection at all.

Without checking your current market before you enter it, you risk to encroaching on an already registered trademark which could be costly for you. And If you don’t have a protection for your trademark, it is easy for someone else to register a trademark with your name and enter new markets with it. In that case, it means that all the energy, time and money that you spent on your new project become wasted.

If you want to release a new product or expand your business to new markets, it is important to map out eventual risks in a proactive way, to eliminate them before it is too late. Securing your trademark in a proper way is also a key to secure the value for an eventual investment, which may be of interest especially for companies in this growing fashion industry. This is where Otmore shares its part and knowledge.


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