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Problem: To boost sales around Christmas the client hires a communications agency that creates a concept to get consumers to associate the feast with that company’s products. After an intense brainstorming and many hours of word they present a few suggestions for a slogan and how to get out of the web, print, social media and TV advertising. The producer likes a specific proposal and proceeding to production. When the TV commercial roll out the client is contacted by an attorney to a competitor. Communications have been inspired by a former advertising competitor done in another EU country and have now infringed their rights. Now they will be forced to act quickly and remove signs from store, customize Web, clearing the previous post in social media, take down the competition from Facebook and cancel the TV commercials. All done with additional costs without a corresponding increase in sales.

Solution: To avoid this, so would the communications examined what rights were registered. Not only in Sweden but also neighbouring markets, and adapted the communicative message even before they presented to the client.

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