Taylor Swift sued for trademark infringement

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“Celebrity is not a synonym for immunity” said the attorney representing the California-based clothing company Blue Sphere which does business as Lucky 13 as Taylor Swift filed for a protective order to prevent her from being forced into answering questions regarding her brand and trademark awareness.

Taylor Swift started using the trademark “Lucky 13” to market and sell apparel in mainly the US in 2012 which is about 20 years after Blue Sphere started to use their trademark Lucky 13. The initial complaint made by Blue Sphere claimed that they have several registered trademarks for “Lucky 13” covering products such as clothes and bags.

How can you avoid this problem?

Naming process – Be sure to contact us to review your trademark names, making sure that the name you choose:
1. Does not infringe on an already registered trademark
2. Does not describe the line of business you intend to work with
3. Have the potential to get registered as a trademark to be able to grow and expand to new markets.

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