Otmore is the obvious choice for brand monitoring, domain monitoring and app monitoring services.

Trademark monitoring – protect your company name

If you have a registered or established brand, it is important to monitor that others do not use your brand for their goods & services. Our unique software monitors confusingly similar and identical applications that may involve potential infringement in all of your active markets. This means that you will receive a notification at an early stage if someone tries to register a similar trademark, so that you have time to object and stop a possible trademark infringement.

The importance of trademark protection?

Even though a trademark registration gives you the exclusive right to use your trademark, it is you as the owner, who alone is responsible for protecting your trademark against infringement. If you do not monitor and protect your company name or brand by yourself or by a watching service, you run the risk of others using it to such an extent that it is no longer considered a brand for your goods and / or services.

This has been the case for global companies such as Jeep, Thermos, Jacuzzi and Aspirin and more.

How to monitor trademarks?

There are various options for monitoring your registered trademark, at PRV you can find information about trademark infringement and various third-party services such as the Swedish trademark database and the Swedish trademark magazine. Where you can check which trademarks are registered throughout the country and find out for yourself if someone uses an identical trademark.

You can also use our own service ”Otmore Trademark Watch”. Our trademark watching service monitors all trademark applications and conflicting applications that are identical and similar to your brand, regardless of whether it is words, figures or domain names and we give you a notice in order to prevent any potential conflicts. In addition to our watch service, we also have trademark attorneys and we can help you through the entire process.

Our service can also protect your company name internationally, which means that you do not have to keep track and contact the respective authority in the countries where you operate.

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As your brand becomes more established in the county where the business is located, or in the countries you are active in, the risk increases that others will try to take advantage of your brand’s attractiveness. Therefore, it is important to safeguard your rights and avoid any possible infringements.

Otmore is the obvious choice for brand monitoring, domain monitoring and app monitoring services.

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