Trademark registration in China – New directives

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Tens of thousands of counterfeit goods are seized by the China Customs every year that are about to be exported out of China. The confiscated goods turned out to infringe on registered trademarks in China and nearly all of these trademarks had been registered not only with the China Trademark Office but also with the Chinese Customs.

We have seen many trademark battles in China the last years such as the case against Air Jordan (see article) and since China is an essential market, companies need to set a clear China IP strategy to secure their rights in this country.

China Customs officials check every outgoing shipment for counterfeit goods infringing on registered Chinese trademarks against China’s Trademark database. What has been noticed lately is that they tend to check only against their own Customs database meaning that you have to register your trademark through the China Customs to receive the enforcement by China Customs. In short, this means that there are legal- and practical requirements regarding IP rights in China.

Otmore recommend you to follow the steps below:

  1. Register your trademark as domain names in China (, TM(in Chinese).网址)
  2. Apply for your trademark in these steps:
    1. Trademark name in Latin
    2. Trademark name in Chinese symbols
    3. Translated name in Latin
    4. Logotype
  3. Register your trademark with the Chinese Customs

All actions above should be handled by professionals, please contact us and we will assist you in this matter.


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