We have extensive knowledge in worldwide trademark registrations

Trademark Registration

Company branding is an efficient way to build brand recognition, customer loyalty, as well as helping your customers to identify your business apart from other competing companies. With a trademark protection you have exclusive rights to use your trademark, name or logo which increases your trademark valuation. We have extensive knowledge in worldwide trademark registrations for global trademarks protection and national protection. 

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, brand, logo, name, word and / or sentence that companies use to distinguish the goods or services from other products or services on the market. A combination of one or more of these elements can be used to create a brand identity.

Advantages of trademark protection

By protecting your company name, you get exclusive rights to use your trademark for the goods or services in the country or countries for which the trademark has been registered. 

Therefore, it is important to define the brand’s current goods or services and where the protection should apply. You can apply for an international registration for your trademark through WIPO (The World Intellectual Property Organization) or apply directly to a designated region. Then the registration process is handled by the respective authority in each country. 

We have extensive experience in handling complex branding strategies and the registration process worldwide, and we are a certified representative of EU brands under EUIPO. 

Once your trademark is protected, you have the exclusive right to your trademark. This means that third parties do not have the right to use your trademark on their goods or services. Should that happen, it’s a trademark infringement and you can take legal action.

How to make a trademark application?

Applications can be made in different ways. If you only want to protect your brand in a country, it is handled by the respective authority. Trademark protection in Sweden is applied through PRV (Patent and Registration Office). 

You can also apply for trademark protection in a region such as the EU or Africa via, for example, EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) or ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization).

How long is a trademark protection valid for?

A registered trademark is valid for ten years before it must be renewed. However, the renewal process can be quite time consuming and it might stall from the application date. Therefore we recommend that you apply for renewal at an early stage. At Otmore, we help you with all renewals both nationally and internationally and with our trademark monitoring we monitor all trademark applications and conflicting applications that are identical and similar to your brand.

What is the difference between trademark protection and domain names?

Domain name is the name of a web address and it is not linked to any national trademark registrations. This means that a registered domain name does not give your brand protection from others using your brand for their products or services.

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