Why you should register your trademark.

Our trademark services

Naming process

Otmore will guide you through the whole naming process. We include all necessary services like preliminary searches and communication consultants in the process. We can offer you this service for a fixed fee including the whole process – from the idea to registration and communication.

Linguistic search

Your searched mark name will be manually analysed by professional translators.
They will specifically indicate potential misunderstandings and connotations.
Analysed languages:

  1. Afrikaans                                  17. Japanese
  2. Arabic                                       18. Korean
  3. Azerbaidzhan                        19. Macedonian
  4. Czech                                        20. Malay
  5. Danish                                      21. Norwegian
  6. Dutch                                        22. Pilipino
  7. English                                     23. Polish
  8. Estonian                                  24. Portuguese
  9. Finnish                                     25. Romanian
  10. French                                      26. Russian
  11. German                                    27. Simplified Chinese
  12. Greek                                        28. Spanish
  13. Hebrew                                    29. Swedish
  14. Hindi                                        30. Thai
  15. Hungarian                               31. Turkish
  16. Italian                                      32. Ukrainian
Trademark Search Report

In the Trademark Search Report Light, we will search for identical and similar trademarks in international trademark databases (52 jurisdictions). The result will give you a first indication if the Trademark is possible to register and if there are any identical or similar Trademarks already registered. We will also look at the availability of the most common domain names suitable for your trademark.

The Comprehensive Search are suitable for you when you need more accurate information and more details about the possibility to get your trademark registered and used in the country/countries where you are planning to launch.

The service includes:

  • Search in relevant trademark databases for both identical and phonetically and confusingly similar marks
  • Search in relevant company name databases
  • Search for relevant domain names
  • Engine search to find non-registered trademarks at relevant markets
  • Our attorneys will analyze the marks that pose a risk, give his/her opinion and include the full records for the pertinent marks.
  • Add on – linguistic search of the mark
Trademark Registration

Otmore can offer you various help and assistance in the field of trademark registrations. We are also confident that we can offer one of the most cost efficient solutions on the market today.

Otmore always work with fixed fees within the registration process to make sure that you can follow set budgets. We can offer registrations worldwide today and we set up a strategy with you to make sure that the registration process will go hand-in-hand with your launch in each country. Our legal department and project leaders are experts in managing this in the most cost efficient way. We have decades of experience in handling complex trademark strategies and registration processes.

Remember that it might take several years to get a trademark registration in some countries – the proactive process is extremely important to make sure that you get your registration in place in time.

Registration can be made in:

  • Each country separately – The registration process is handled by each countries trademark authority.
  • In a region like EU or Africa – EU trademarks are handled by EUIPO and the trademark are applied in 28 countries directly.
    In Africa, you can apply through OAPI (French old colonies) in 17 countries directly or ARIPO.
  • WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization – A total of 99 countries are part of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Through the organization, we can apply for your trademark with one single application in all the member countries – with much lower fees than applying for each country separately.

Otmore is also a certified representative for EU-trademarks under EUIPO.

We are INTA members – The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property.

Trademark Renewals

When registered, the Trademark is valid for (most common) 10 years. After that you have to renew it. Otmore can handle Trademark renewals in all jurisdictions and also secure that all details in your application are updated if necessary. Remember, that you also have to use the Trademark to be able to keep the registration if someone tries to cancel the mark.

Because of the long renewal timeline, we sometimes see trademark where the owner actually has forgot to renew it. Try not to be one of them! Contact us to find out how we can secure your trademark portfolio.

Office Action

When you apply for a Trademark the authority will examine your application. Different jurisdictions have different rules. If your application doesn’t fulfil the requirements needed, you will be sent an irregularity notice. For example, the process within OHIM (CTM-marks) is the following:

  • Classification – The goods and services you seek protection for are reviewed to see if they have been correctly classified and their nature has been clearly indicated
  • Formalities – All the details you have entered on your application are reviewed to make sure that everything is as it should be; the signature, languages, owner and/or representative data, priority and/or seniority claims are all reviewed.
  • Absolute grounds – Your trade mark is analysed to see whether it is distinctive but not descriptive.
  • Translation – Your trade mark application is translated so that details of it can be published in all the official languages of the European Union.

We carry out a search in the CTM database for identical and/or similar marks. The results are sent to you before we publish your trade mark application.

Invalidity and revocation of a trademark registration

Otmore will assist you in invalidity and revocation proceedings in all jurisdictions.

Contact us for more information.



Trademark Watch & Monitoring service

How can you detect similar Trademark applications in different jurisdictions that might infringe on your Trademark? The answer is our Trademark Watch and Monitoring service.

Even if a similar Trademark application will be filed, in comparison with your Trademark, the authorities in different jurisdictions will not always give you a heads-up. You must react yourself. Our Trademark Watch and Monitoring service will do this for you. You can choose by the following:

  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – in one country
  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – in one region like the EU and whole Europe
  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – World Wide

You can Watch and Monitor both word- and figurative Trademarks today.

Our service includes:

  • All classes are included in the Trademark Watch
  • A first similarity check

We will get a report every week and send it to you if there are any similar hits. We will also guide you to make sure that your Trademark is protected in the best possible way.

Otmore TM Management Service (OMS)

Means that Otmore manage your trademark rights and is responsible for getting you the correspondence sent from the authorities, other holders regarding your trademark. We will also make sure that the renewal of your trademark will come to you in time.

Main top 3 reasons why you should register your trademark:

  1. Exclusive Right – It gives you an exclusive right to use your trademark name or logo in the fields and markets that your trademark has been registered in. For example you can stop piracy copies and products that you haven’t approved.
  2. Trademark assurance – You get some kind of approval that you´re not infringing other companies registered trademarks.
  3. Increased Value – Your trademark evaluation will increase. A lot!
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