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Trademark Watch & Monitoring service

How can you detect similar Trademark applications in different jurisdictions that might infringe on your Trademark? The answer is our Trademark Watch and Monitoring service.

Even if a similar Trademark application will be filed, in comparison with your Trademark, the authorities in different jurisdictions will not always give you a heads-up. You must react yourself. Our Trademark Watch and Monitoring service will do this for you. You can choose by the following:

  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – in one country
  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – in one region like the EU and whole Europe
  • Trademark Watch & Monitor – World Wide

You can Watch and Monitor both word- and figurative Trademarks today.

Our service includes:

  • All classes are included in the Trademark Watch
  • A first similarity check

We will get a report every week and send it to you if there are any similar hits. We will also guide you to make sure that your Trademark is protected in the best possible way.

Domain Name Watch

Instead of holding too many defensive domain name registrations, it is often a good idea to have a domain name monitoring to keep track of the trademark as a domain name. Domain name watch is a simple way to gain control of any domain name infringement. If we find a hit, we will send you a report once a week

Mobile App Watch

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Online Market Place Watch

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Owner Watch

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Main top 3 reasons why you should let Otmore help you with watching services:

  1. Detect similar Trademark applications – Trademark Watch gives you heads-ups of similar trademark applications in different jurisdictions that might infringe on your trademark, so you can react against them in time.
  2. Keep track of the trademark as a domain name – Domain name Watch is a simple way to be alerted of any domain name infringements.
  3. Flexible – We adjust all our watching services based on your preferences, whether you want to go through the results from the watching services yourself or have us doing it for you.
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