A well-known clothing company

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Problem: Under their own brands they also named individual products. For example, they named a product line of T-shirts to different names depending on the model. Suddenly they received a warning letter from another party, they had one of these names registered as a trademark. In the end, this became a very expensive process and they had to rename all the products.

Solution: A product name is also a trademark. And may infringe on other registered marks.

If you have a trademark registration of your main name, it doesn’t mean that you can name your products any way you want. Others may already have the trademark rights to use that specific name.

Use The Trademark Thermometer to follow the correct steps in the naming process. For example, start with a Trademark Search Report – Light to see if the names are already registered by someone else. Or use descriptive terms when your name your products to avoid conflicts.

The consequence in this kind of errands are the same like as if you would infringe on your main trademark name. Always keep in mind that you can´t name a product to whatever you want and you may face a law suit.

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