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Otmore secure assets! We make sure that you have protection before launching a new brand or product. Once you have launched, our Trademark Watch will monitor your trademark and highlight any potential threats, enabling you to act in an early stage to stop potential infringers.

We use trademark search tools with a proactive work model to optimize the trademark management process, from application to registration and thereafter.

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Why Otmore?

Fixed prices & proactive business model

Our unique business model is based on offering fixed prices for proactive efforts (initiated at a business arrangement), instead of billing hours.

Tailor-made services

Otmore was founded with the aim to shake up the traditional trademark industry with a better offer and tools adapted to the digital industry. Our tailor-made services optimize the process of filing and monitoring trademark applications, while contributing to our ability to offer competitive prices.

Holistic approach

Our strategies always take your company’s current position and future ambitions into account. Our organisation holds great expertise in all fields of intellectual property rights and domain names, allowing us to offer cost-effective services and create the best conditions possible for a successful expansion of your business. We always offer a free analysis for all applications, that includes an in-depth examination of your trademarks and domain names.

Decades of experience

Our organization has experienced consultants with a large global network. We value the ability to be flexible and access the best expertise tailored to each individual case, instead of being tied to fixed agents.

Transparent process

We invite all our clients to our online portal, so they can monitor current projects in real time and have 24/7 access to their trademark portfolio. Otmore offers a wide range of legal services, our online portal highlights all the costs associated with our services to provide full transparency at all stages.


We are a global network of experienced consultants, specialized in IPR- and business law, project management, technical platforms, e-commerce and technical architecture.

Otmore is a certified representative for EU-trademarks under EUIPO, euipo.europa.eu.

We are members of INTA (The International Trademark Association), a global not-for-profit association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation, www.inta.org.

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