Casino Saga VS Casino Heroes

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Problem: The successful launching of Casino Saga was made and the application of the trademark was made the year after it was launched. Another well-known gaming company,, objected to the application and started to force the gaming company to change its name. The dispute began and Casino Saga change the name to Casino Heroes.

To rename a product or a service when it has already been launched is fraught with many risks. No matter how careful you are with a comprehensive search – the risk of a new objection is still there.

Solution: The company didn’t do their homework before they launched the product, if they would had done a comprehensive search and actually checked the name, the problem could have been avoided. One good way to make sure that you follow the right steps in a naming process is to go after The Trademark Thermometer steps – use it next time and avoid extra costs.

The consequence in this case was that they had to change name, with all the re branding costs and legal fees connected to the errand. It could also have been a law suit in the end – even if it was avoided this time.

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