Huge hacker attack against Apple Appstore

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For the first time (that is known…) Apple Appstore has been the target of a large scale hacker attack, which affects hundreds of apps and millions of users

Apple which in the past has had an reputation of running devices on systems that are virtually free from viruses, this goes for all Apple devices (computers, tablets, phones etc.), have now seemingly been proven to be as vulnerable as the rest of the manufacturers.

According to Palo Alto Networks hundreds of apps for Apple devices, and all present at Apple Appstore, have been infected with the XcodeGhost. XcodeGhost potentially gives the hackers the ability to both collect data as well as send commands to the infected device. Some of the infected apps are WeChat, WinZip and Cloud Music.

Even if there aren’t any reports of the code causing any damage as of yet, the attack shows that Apple and apps for Apple devices are a huge target for hackers in the future.

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