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The ZEST conference on Malta, held for the second time between the 19th and the 20th of September, had many inspiring keynotes and on-stage debates to offer. Network opportunities were numerous in both formal ways during the conference itself and in a more relaxed way during the speakers pre-mingle and the sundown party.

Otmore participated in ZEST to meet the 250 startups and 50+ speakers to network and discover new ways to collaborate in new ways between different branches. Otmore had three representatives on site during the conference to be Jarno Hottinen, CEO and Partner at Otmore, took part in a panel discussion on stage regarding issues with naming the brand and how hazardous this can be when done improperly. With Jarno on stage were Carla Maree Vela, CEO at Optimizer Invest, and Georg Westin, CEO and Founder of Hero Gaming. The topic of discussion was the problems Casino Saga faced when launching their brand and were accused by King of infringing on their “Saga” trademark, used in games like Candy Crush Saga and many more. Read the full case here and see the full panel debate here

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